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Sometimes I don’t get people

When we going knocking on people’s doors, we’re not doing it to bother people, we’re fulfilling the commission that Jesus gave us to go and make disciples (Matt 28:19) and to share the good news of God’s Kingdom. Even though we may not be stopping at a convenient time, we’re offering free magazines! It couldn’t hurt to just take a look at the magazines to see what’s in them. I mean, it’s not like we’ll going door to door selling stuff, which IS soliciting. I wish people were more considerate of others, and more open minded than having a one track mind. If they could only read the wonderful material in the magazines that the society puts out, then more likely than not they will see something that change their minds. I appreciate Jehovah’s organization and all the Bible based publications that they put out. I just hope that those out there who are offered the bible based publications, may also too truly appreciate them too.

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